Norwex to Project Broadcast


Automatically transfer contacts from the Norwex backoffice into Project Broadcast so that you can communicate with your customers via text message.



  • Checks your Norwex backoffice daily for updates
  • Imports new customers to your Project Broadcast "New Customer" campaign.
  • Custom fields for party host's name
  • Automatically tags consultants based on status (active, dormant, etc)
  • E-mails you every time a contact is added
  • 12-month subscription with annual renewal reminders
  • Available for consultants in the US and Canada




$35/year for the transfer service*

* Separate Project Broadcast subscription required for text messaging

Sign Up


Once the form has been submitted, please allow 24 hours for your contacts to begin syncing. The sync procedure begins each day at 11:00 AM EST.

Your Information

Norwex Information

This information is required to access your customer and consultant data from the Norwex backoffice. If you would rather provide this information over the phone, please conatct us.

Project Broadcast Information

Once logged into Project Broadcast, click the menu icon on the left and then choose "Get Api Key." 


IMPORTANT: This button is only available on the website version of Project Broadcast (, not the mobile app.


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