Totus Integrus


Prior to the launch of Totus Integrus, we tried to make third-party products fit the needs of our clients. The end result was always underwhelming. We created these amazing apps out of that frustration. They are easy and intuitive. Best of all, they integrate with each other seamlessly.

Website Builder - Sites


  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Mobile responsive
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Fast performance
  • Advanced layout and customization capabilities
  • Easily display products and events from Window Shopper and Communio

E-commerce - Window Shopper


  • Find unique local sales and items
  • Sell products online in your own private window
  • Notify customers for new inventory
  • Easily display products and checkout through your Sites website

Event Management - Communio


  • Mobile-friendly online calendar
  • Recurring events
  • Create message boards showing upcoming events and important notifications
  • Registration and RSVP with payment through PayPal
  • Search events and register through your Sites website

E-mail Marketing - Mitto


  • Design mobile-friendly e-mail campaigns
  • Easily track user engagement
  • Automatic lists can include contacts from Window Shopper and Communio
  • Dynamic fields add a personal touch
  • Link to Sites website

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